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We are FUNDED!!!!

One week ago, we launched a Kickstarter to call others to partner with us as we gear up to record in Nashville in November. In less than a week, already 48 backers have pledged and taken us up over the $5k goal! Woohoo!

Here's a video we shared on Facebook Live this past weekend that expresses our thanks AND shares a sneak peak at our #2 track on the album, "Enough."

Some have asked us: "Can I still choose to financially back the project even though you're fully funded?" The short answer is, "Yes!"

Funding continues through the entire 30 day period. The $5k we've raised covers our recording costs which is awesome! Now anything raised above that amount will go toward other aspects of The Story project — making hard copy devotionals available, printing calendars that include the 12 prints of the 12 paintings that pair with each song, etc.

So there’s still ways to join in, even though we’ve now met our recording goal!

This whole project has felt so surreal. God has met us at every step. From writing the songs, to painting the images, to using the blog to explain each part in the Story, to pursuing professional recording—we are in awe of His provision. Now we’ve seen YOU take steps of faith WITH us to support the project financially. Wow!!! Thank you for walking this out with us, for supporting us in prayer, encouraging us through messages and conversations, and partnering with us financially to make this Story come alive. We are so excited for the next steps, and will share with you along the way. Thank you so much!

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