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"Rivers to Eden" Kickstarter!

We just launched another kickstarter!

Who of us hasn't experienced loss? Confusion? The bitterness of walking through one situation only to find hopelessness on the other side?

This year, we will journey together through the pain and loss we know all too well to find the God who has always been with us, even in the wilderness. We have four projects we're raising funds for:

1) Rivers to Eden: An album of original songs that traces the theme of wilderness through the Scriptures, recorded with a full band in Nashville!

2) Two Singles: Wilderness isn't theory for us... we've lived it. These two songs are very personal in nature, written about life as a NICU nurse walking alongside families navigating infant loss, and as a preacher with personal spells of depression.

3) Wilderness Bible Study: Along with "Rivers to Eden," we are writing a partner bible study on the subject for those who want to dig a little deeper.

4) Piano Instrumentals: Already released 3 pieces ("Mourning has Broken"), and plan to release more this year!

The total cost for all four Wilderness projects this year is $15,000, $3000 of which has already been raised. An anonymous donor has committed to match, dollar for dollar, all gifts up to $5000. Meaning, if we can raise $7000 together on this platform, then all $15,000 will be covered!

Please consider partnering with us in this effort! Check out all the cool incentives, make a pledge, and spread the word about this project with someone today! Much love to all!

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