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Servants By Design Podcast!

As you may know, we love creativity. Art, music, knitting, you name it!

What you may also know is we (well, Peter) love personality. Discovering how God has uniquely made us and wired us... it's just one more way we can take in and appreciate the beauty of God's creative design!

Tonight at 6:15pm (CST), we get to join Stephen Boster (CEO of Servants By Design) for a conversation around creativity, personality, worship, ministry, and more here.

Here's a little description of what we'll be talking about together:

Creativity is a wonderful way to experience worship, but it can be difficult to know where to start. In this video, we interview Peter and Grace Assad, two experienced Christian leaders who have a passion for using creativity to enhance worship. In the interview, Peter and Grace share their experience of Christian worship and how they bring creativity to their services. They share their thoughts on the importance of creativity in worship in our context today as well as their special projects to enhance our spiritual walk.

We're excited! If you're unable to join us live, no problem, the link will remain so you can view it anytime!

Kickstarter update:

As of right now, we are just 30 hours away from the end of our campaign. We're fully funded (yay!) thanks to many of you, so now any amount above and beyond goes toward adding strings to new tracks! If you'd like to join us in that, you can read up more about the project's updates and make a pledge here.

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