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Can I tell you what's overwhelmed me? The beautiful, thoughtful responses so many of you have had to our latest album, Rivers to Eden. Some especially meaningful statements have been made over the last couple months, not only by friends but even by people we never dreamed would take the time to listen.

As artists, it means the world to discover others appreciate your music, and when writers of the caliber of Jon Guerra are among that number, it's hard to quantify just how deeply impactful that is.

What Jon Guerra thinks about poems of grace's album Rivers to Eden

Here's the full quote from Jon: "It takes so much to get a body of work together, and 'Rivers to Eden' is a beautiful and complete work. 'Come Lord Jesus Come,' 'Consider Me,' and 'Doors of Hope' are my favorites. I love your voices, the devotional spirit, and the Scripture woven in. Keep writing and releasing!"

Another deeply encouraging review about our album came from Daniel Mount, who said this in a podcast interview:

I run a database called Expository Songs. I’ve listened to hundreds of thousands of songs to find its 56,000 entries. Often, I’ve heard 50+ treatments of the same passage. But once in a while, a Scripture passage is set to a melody so perfectly that the notes and syllables feel like they were always supposed to go together. "Come, Lord Jesus, Come" is one of those songs.

If you'd like to hear the whole episode where Daniel invited us to analyze this song together and provide some background context on its inception, you can find it here.

poems of grace's handlettering

Another mindblowing review for me are these encouraging words from singer-songwriter, Fernando Ortega:

This album is just beautiful! Wilderness is a theme that most modern Christian music doesn’t address enough, and this music really underscores the theme tackled in a very successful way. I hope that many will get to hear it and be blessed by it.

One more, from Matt Wheeler, who called Rivers to Eden a “Brilliant work," and added, "It is a well-balanced album throughout, with fear and hope both honestly represented. The songwriting, performances, and production are all top-notch.”

If you haven't heard "Rivers to Eden" yet, you can listen today wherever you stream music, like Spotify, Apple, Youtube, and more.

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