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Art as Rest

I was talking with a friend at work a few weeks back about the healing nature of water. She was going to vacation soon and there is something restful about oceans, streams, lakes and rivers. I think there is a kind of restoration that happens when you realize that entire ecosystems exist without any work of your hands. The bears have fish for eating, The tadpoles grow to frogs. The whales feast on krill. Dolphins communicate with one another and play among the waves. Each without a single ounce of effort on my part.

Humans believe the lie that we are both in control and invincible. Nature has a beautiful way of knocking us from our self-made thrones and bringing us down a few notches. When I find myself diving to those deep places of belief about who I am, art has a way of slowing me down. I come to water for it to preach the truth to my heart about my own insufficiency to control the world around me and give my heart over to art to find equilibrium—a state of rest and being.

I had the joy of a 2-day lake retreat last week, and spent much of my time by the water and with my iPad creating digital art. This is a skill I am growing in, but I am ready to share some of that growth with the world. So, we started a redbubble shop! You can purchase any of my available patterns on phone cases, pillows, journals, mugs and MASKS!

It has been a joy resting with art, and I hope it blesses you as much as it has me! Enjoy!

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