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Wandering Soul

Newest single out today wherever you stream music: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, etc! Keep reading for background behind the song, lyrics, chords, and more!

wandering soul by poems of grace cover art


Our church has been walking through the story of the prodigal son this year. It's a favorite for good reason. As a teenager, one of my favorite songs was The Prodigal Son Suite by Keith Green.

At the start of this year, I joined Resound's 12 Song Challenge for a second year in a row. For those who haven't heard me speak of this yet, it's an international songwriting community of nearly 400 songwriters. We get a prompt each month, write from there, and comment on each other's songs throughout the month.

In February, the prompt was to write a song in the style of a songwriting hero. I chose Billy Joel (with a subtle nod to Keith Green with the subject matter) and ended up writing "Wandering Soul" out of it. You'll hear elements of "And So It Goes," "New York State of Mind," and "Always A Woman To Me" in the music.

Joy of joys, I'm not alone in this recording. Phillip Laycock (from the Netherlands!) joins in on piano and Keiko Ying (from New York) adds her cello. Yet another collaboration that makes this song all the more special.

Lyrics & Chords

Wandering Soul (CCLI 7238016)

I wandered far

Away from all I’ve known

I tried to make a name

And struck out all on my own

Hardened in my heart, flesh like a stone

I struggle on

Is there a place for me

For this poor old wandering soul?

I’ve reached my end

So tired of where I’ve been

Pig slop has done me in

Turned me ‘round back home again

What will father say, far down the road

When we're alone?

Is there a chance for me

For this poor old wandering soul?

I’m home again

And to my sheer surprise

Dad’s running up for me

Tears of mercy in his eyes

“Kill the fattened calf, bring out a robe

My son is home"

Heaven holds a place for me

For this poor old wandering soul!

For this poor old wandering soul!

For those interested in playing/singing it, here are the chords:

Wandering Soul [D]
Download PDF • 85KB

More Music!

There are still more songs to come this year (including a few more collaborations with others AND a 6-song album!), which we'll keep you in the loop about!

In the meantime, let us know:

  • What recent songs have resonated most with you?

  • What can we paint for you? (every little bit helps fund new music!)

Blessings to you all!

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