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Lay Us Down

Lay Us Down cover art by Peter Assad

Our newest single, "Lay Us Down," is now out wherever you stream music: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, and more! PLUS we have an official lyric video which premieres today at 7pm CST put together by Hunter Lynch.

This song first started when our friend Susan Goforth reached out to us with the seeds that became these stunning lyrics:

Lay Us Down (CCLI 7230316)

Verse 1

This world is weary from all the chaos

And still we carry these things that break us

Come, come, Lord, we need to rest

Verse 2

We know the wisdom of life unhurried

Yet trade our freedom for needless worry

Stay, stay, Lord, we need to rest


Lay us down in pastures green

Lead us by Your quiet streams

Shield us now beneath Your wings

Help us find our rest in You

Verse 3

Lord breathe upon us and fill our being

With calm assurance and gentle healing

Rest, rest, Lord, we need Your rest



Calm our fears, wipe our tears

Lay us down, lay us down

Calm our fears, wipe our tears

Lay us down

Along with a heart to write a song for a weary world, Susan's desire was for this song to become the sort of anthem churches can sing together in worship. To that end, here are some chord charts you're welcome to use if you'd like to introduce the song to your church:

Lay Us Down - C
Download PDF • 80KB
Lay Us Down - Db
Download PDF • 80KB

We reached out to our friend Jacob Filer (who's produced our other albums) and along with playing bass, he strung together an incredible band for the job including:

  • Billy Nobel (piano)

  • Sam Hunter (acoustics)

  • Jake Widenhofer (electric)

  • Matt King (drums)

  • Gideon Klein (strings)

  • Austin Stanley (engineering/mixing)

Talk about a star-studded cast! (Seriously, look up their credits on sometime and it'll BLOW YOUR MIND.)

As if that wasn't enough, we reached out to our friends from the 12 Song Challenge by Resound Worship who were so gracious in joining the gang vocal choir at the end of the song, including: Wesley Assad, Rebecca Beese, Caroline Bushman, Jonathan Cairns, Andrew Finden, Travis Ham, Dan Lugo, Tshana Jamara, Dave Jarvis, Rachael Johnson, Steve Johnson, Heidi Gartman Kaether, Tim Packer, Jon Pocock, Olwen Ringrose, Chris Taylor, Nikki Wild

What a gift it is to get to make music with people we love, for the church we love, and the world we love, in hopes that all will know this God who loves us and gives us rest.

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