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Songwriting Series

We admit it, we've been quiet. We enjoyed some well appreciated rest after the busy season launching The Story into the world. But our lives have been far from quiet. If anything, this restful season has been full of song. Songs written together. Songs written separately. Songs written in collaboration. All in all, we've probably written a dozen songs since March. While we have no official plans for recording, we do feel compelled to share with you some of the stories and ideas we're processing through song. In this songwriting series, we will share what lyrics and melodies the Lord has stirred in our hearts as we follow Him. We hope that you can imagine sitting in our music room with us as we tell the stories behind the music, and we hope that the Love that reached into our hearts and compels us to share His story will reach your heart too.

When I, Grace, encounter a new idea in Scripture, it solidifies in my mind when I try to explain it to someone else, or adapt it into a prayer. Songwriting has become another method of solidifying concepts I'm learning. Music stays with you. You carry it with you when other tools fail you. Songwriting has become God's way of attaching these truths to my heart. Ironically, I find myself singing the very truths my heart fails to believe. What a grace and gift from God.

In what ways does creativity help you? We would love to hear what you're creating right now!

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