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Taste and See

While much of the world continues moving toward digital, there are still many of us who maintain the joy of holding a hardbound book in our own two hands.

Anthem Songs has recently compiled 600+ of the church's greatest hymns and songs through the centuries, and chosen to include among the ranks one of my originals called "Taste And See"!

If you're interested in hearing this song, you can listen to it here:

Below are the lyrics:

Taste and See

verse 1

Oh, to behold the glory of Christ Here will I live and here will I die Till all the world with its sweetest embrace No longer calls my name

verse 2

Oh, to behold the mercy of Christ

Nails in His hands though love would suffice

"Forgive them, Father, forgive them," He cried

Lamb of God crucified


Taste and see God is good

Taste and see God is good

Taste and see He is good to you

verse 3

Oh, to behold the power of Christ

Rising from death and reigning on high

Harrowing hell with His glory and grace

Calling us from the grave


verse 4

Oh, to behold the presence of Christ

Broken as bread and poured out like wine

Here in this meal His death we proclaim

Till Jesus calls our name


A big thank you to Anthem Songs for choosing to include this song in their hymnal! If you'd like to pick up a hymnal for yourself, you can do so here!

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