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Fully Funded! Plus an idea...

We are SO very excited to tell you that Rivers to Eden is officially FUNDED!!! This is only because of the 80+ people who have chosen to join us in this work, and we are beyond thrilled and GRATEFUL for each one!

With 10 days still remaining in our Kickstarter, we had an idea of how to make this project even more beautiful: strings!

We already had our mind set to record one of the tracks with a cello, but now for every $500 raised above our goal, we'll add a string section to another track!

If we make it, awesome! If we don't, the songs will be absolutely beautiful as they are. Still, we figured with the momentum generated here, we'd offer another idea to take this album to the next level!

As an incentive, we're providing an ala carte option, meaning: you can pick and choose something to add. Let's say you picked up the $5 phone download, and you really wanted the Bible Study eBook but not the digital downloads or hand-lettering. Rather than opting in for the $75 tier, you can just add on the eBook alone now for a $25 increase to your first $5 pledge! This gives YOU control over what you want. Same goes for a VIP House Show Ticket ($50), and more!

So if you've been on the fence before, check out the kickstarter today and see what you think!

Let's make some beautiful music together!

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