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The Powerful Work of Lingering with Beauty

There is something powerful that happens when you take time to linger. Our hearts open up in a way that our chaotic, noise-filled lives don’t often give room for. I was listening to an insightful podcast the other day that described beauty as arresting—it stops you in your tracks. This is the power of something beautiful. Beauty captivates and causes you stop.

Psalm 46:10 says, “Cease striving, and know that I am God.”

Sometimes, we need arrest.

We need to stop moving forward.

We need to linger.

And in this lingering, see God for who He is.

Ponder deeply about His character.

Allow His character to shape your own.

Rest in His presence.

When The Story began, we didn’t have a grand vision for using different genres of beauty to captivate the heart and mind. It has been in hindsight that God has made clear how profound that work can be.

Letting lyrics wash over your heart.

Pondering the colors expressed in the paintings.

Taking in the swells and diminishing of notes and instruments.

Lingering for a while. We want to see people captivated with the beauty of our Savior, and we think that The Story is a way to do that. If you’re interested, we would love to challenge you to linger with the story of God for a while—either individually or with a group.

We created a free PDF that is available to anyone who purchases The Story Devotional that acts as a guide for that lingering. As you move through each chapter during your study, we hope that you take time to linger, ponder, meditate, look up, and study intently. Each facet of this project is meant to deepen our affections for the God who imaged us.

If you would like to use The Story with a group, let us know! We would LOVE to pray for your group as they dive into The Story together, and blessings as you begin the journey from Eden to eternity through word, art, and song.

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