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The Story Turns ONE!

One year ago, on March 12, 2022, The Story launched into the world!

16 years before that, it all started with an email (on MySpace, haha). Mustering up 20 seconds of intense courage, I reached out to Grace in hopes that she’d join me in singing at a talent show.

The rest, as they say, is history.

So we’re excited to celebrate what God started 17 years ago, but even more so, the Story He’s been telling for far longer than that!

To celebrate, we are offering a CELEBRATE The Story Bundle for $20 until next Sunday (3/19)!

The bundle includes The Story Album, Devotional, AND 2022 Calendar. You read that right... the 2022 calendar which includes ALL 12 my 8x10 watercolor prints! The prints individually sell for $5 per print. What a steal!

And if you’d like to help us create more music like this, check our kickstarter for our upcoming four-part project here.


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