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Livestream The Story (...soon)!

Mark your calendars for November 17th!

Remember when we had a full band join us for our album release concert on March 12th to celebrate the publishing of our album and devotional? Well, guess what... we had the whole thing recorded, mixed post-production, and we're getting ready to release it for the world to see!

It will premiere on November 17th at 7pm (CST), and we would love YOUR help getting the word out! Not only will it be live, but we will be watching, interacting with comments and doing a special facebook live after the concert to talk with all who watch it with us, answer any questions, maybe share some silly behind-the-scenes stories... who knows! It will be a blast and we would love to have you share in this time with us!

Since first beginning this project, our prayer has been that we would learn to pause long enough to immerse ourselves in the grand story of God through word, art, and song, we would discover the beauty of our God and our place in it all.

To catch this live, here's the link. Subscribe to our youtube channel to stay in the know or track with us on Facebook event page and spread the word! Can't wait to share in this time together!

Thanks all!

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